Laser Tattoo Removal in Boston & Southborough, MA


Why laser tattoo removal?

At A Beautiful You, our clients wish to remove tattoos they got when they were younger and have now faded or they have simply grown out of. Others are professionals whom need to remove their tattoos for the workplace. Whatever their reasoning may be, they want a fast, safe, and effective way to remove their tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is the answer.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser removal technology produces tiny pulses of extreme light that pass safely through the top layers of your skin and are then absorbed by the ink (pigment) of the specified target (tattoo). The laser's extreme light breaks up the ink into smaller pieces that your body's immune system can naturally remove. The lighting on the lasers used in tattoo removal has been safely monitored to ensure that your surrounding skin will not be harmed, which is why larger and darker tattoos take more sessions than others.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The simple answer is "it depends." We take into consideration that our clients did at one point undergo the actual tattoo process, so they have experienced the sensation before. Clients do have the choice to have a numbing cream applied to the targeted area before the procedure. Without it, the process can be uncomfortable.

How long does laser tattoo removal take?

Each session varies, but an average session takes between 5 to 10 minutes. The darker and newer tattoos tend to take more time than those that are faded or in cases when the ink is lighter.

A Beautiful You Experience

Tattoo removal at A Beautiful You is a pleasant and discrete experience performed to the highest standards by our physicians and our notably experienced staff.

Our revolutionary system targets the tattoo pigment with minimal effects on the surrounding skin. To completely remove a tattoo, multiple treatments are necessary depending upon the color of the tattoo. Black and blue colored tattoos are much easier to remove than multicolor tattoos. As the tattoo fades, there may be a small amount of evident scarring.

Scarring is actually a result of the tattoo application, which was masked by the actual tattoo pigment. Dark inks, such as black, blue and purple respond the best to laser tattoo removal. Red, green and yellow colors will fade and typically require more treatments. Also, tattoos in these colors may not be completely removed. Over time, scars typically fade and are unnoticeable for the most part. Come see why we are the leader in Massachusetts laser tattoo removal!

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